Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Read this FIRST

These are gravestone photos from Sacred Heart Cemetery in Andover/ Lawrence MA. They cover a period of time of immigration...some people came and stayed, others came and then moved on. I could not find a listing of burials through the cemetery management so I made my own map based on the sections of the cemetery and photo numbers as plots. You can browse the photos but there is no index. If you want to visit a memorial stone, use the alphabet notation and the map. Please give credit to this blog or to Find A Grave if you use the photos...for personal not-for-profit use only. Thanks!

All of these photos were donated to the Immigrant City Archives AKA Lawrence History Center on thumbdrives, a year or more ago. You may be able to look at them there.

Most times, I photographed down one side of a row (usually the back) and then came back on the other side (usually the front) although stones are not all oriented in the same direction.  When there was no surname on the back, I usually took a shot of the front at an odd angle just to be able to match it with the photo that was NOT at an angle. If  you come up with an angled shot, cruise both ways until you find the good one.

I took the photos in 2009/ 2010 and added a portion to Find A where you may search by name. Changes to that website have since slowed down and disrupted the upload of information and photos so that it is no longer time-effective to do so.  I will be uploading the photos here, section by section, for use by family history researchers. just takes a lot of my free time.
Best, Teck